Pteridophytic distribution and diversity of tirumala

It comprises seven hills which are said to represent the seven hoods of Adisesha, thus earning the name, Seshachalam. He revised the taxonomy of Indian sub-continental pteridophytes and published that in the form of a book in Diversity indices for butterfly diversity and distribution at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in summer Table 4 shows that all the four stations reside similar type of butterfly species.

Centre for Ecological Sciences, India, pp: Few of them like Lycopodium, Cheilanthes and Actinopteris are used in Homeopathic medicine. Another important reason may be the rare presence of allopathic doctors in tribal areas of the high mountains, the desert areas, or in the remote forests 3.

Shannon, Simpson and Hills diversity indices were calculated for three different seasons. Locally common Table 2: Later, inManickam and his student V.

The present study reveals that 23 species of pteridophytes belonging to 15 families and 18 genera are traditionally used by tribal women of Korku, Gond, Bharia, Bhil, Mauria, Maria, Paria, Bhatara and Baigas communities in gynecological problems which contribute about They show wide range of diversity in habitat, morphology, anatomical reproductive structures etc.

Cythea glabra has arborescent caudex with large herbaceous fronds.

Pteridophytic Distribution and Diversity of Tirumala Hills, Eastern Ghats

The area has the record of receiving on an average of Butterflies were primarily identified directly in the field or, following photography. Madhusoodanan et al reviewed the studies and contributions made by different eminent pteridologists on the various aspects of ferns and fern-allies of South India from to There is great need for advanced research that may helps in identifying some more species of ferns.

Tirumala Laddu Counters

The average annual rainfall is about — cm. The dense stands of macrophytes release large amounts of inorganic nutrients Dawidowicz et al. Materials and Methods Butterflies were observed for a period two year from February to January It was calculated by the equation: Species richness was calculated by the equation: LChandragiriRice fields and also in the pond situated near Mahal Results And Discussions The diverse habitats and cool, humid climatic conditions of Tirumala hills allow a rich fern flora.

Present study outlines the baseline information on butterfly diversity and few Danaids migration dynamics. Human beings have been utilizing plants for food, fiber and drugs apart from their well-being since time immemorial.

October and November are retreating monsoon season. The total area is Diversity indices for butterfly diversity and distribution at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in winter Table 4: Joseph collage, Tiruchirapally, pp.

Tirumala Laddu cannot be sold outside the temple. Various indices of butterfly diversity are shown in Table 4. In winter total number of species was 28 with individuals while in summer total number of species was 19 with individual. After joining Calicut University, Kerala inhe contributed on taxonomy, palynology and gametophytes of South Indian ferns.

The maximum number of about species of pteridophytes occurs in the Eastern Himalayas and its adjoining states making it one of the Hot spots diversity centre for pteridophytes Dixit, Ecology and conservation of lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Heavy metal composition in the sediment and plants of the river Cauvery.

A model for decomposition is the down vegetation in an Amazonian reservoir Ecol. Similarity index J in the range of 0. Comparatively sediment load is less in Kadlekere and Duglapura ponds. The aggregated distribution indicated the season preference where random distribution indicates the available resource use and suitability of season to survival Table 6 - 8.Pteridophytic survey in agumbe forest of central western gahts, Karnataka S.


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DEEPA, H.N. RAMESH BABU AND M. KRISHANAPPA Pteridophytes form a conspicuous element of vegetation as intermediate between the lower cryptogams and higher vascular plants with long geological history on the planet. There are about 12, species recorded globally.

scattered population. Pteridophytic flora is not uniformly distributed it varies as per the altitude and diversity of the forest however, 27 species have been reported in the present study.

Key Words: Pteridophytes – Distribution – Diversity – Tirumala Hills Tiruumala is located near the holy city of Tirupati in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh State, South India.

There's a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay. angiospermic and pteridophytic flora belonging to different taxanomic groups.


Rhynchosia beddomei Baker is an endemic plant of southern part of Eastern Ghats (Pullaiah, ) including Tirumala hills. Prakash Rao, N. Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy, S. Kishore* () Diversity of molluscs in Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh with special reference to Tirumala hills, India International journal of advanced scientific and technical research.

Because of their diversity, wide distribution, specificity to vegetation type, rapid response to perturbation, taxonomic tractability, statistically significant abundance and ease of sampling, they have been considered useful organisms to monitor environmental changes.

Pteridophytic distribution and diversity of tirumala
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